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The recent suggestions to add tax to all calls longer than 3Min have been a major point of discussion among Nigerians. This was followed by an attempt to increase the price of data that was thwarted by the senate. Now Telcos are pressing that WhatsApp calls and other similar services must be banned in Nigeria.

In a recent report, Mr. Ferdinand Moolman, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of MTN Nigeria, disclosed that the activities of ‘over-the-top’ companies like WhatsApp, Viber have adverse effects on its business and affects the sustainability of Nigeria’s telecommunications industry.                           

He further added that these companies were eroding gains of Nigeria’s telecom companies and asked Nigeria to take action like the United Arab Emirates did.                                                                  

Information has it that in the United Arab Emirates,  WhatsApp or Snapchat calls are not allowed. In short it can land you in Jail.

The Telcos in Nigeria are complaining bitterly about the fact that the current economic recession Nigeria is facing cannot allow them to continue with their current price regimes.  They, therefore, want the regulators to come in and help stabilize the industry so that some companies won’t have to sack staff or go under due to their inability to compete. Going by this development, we are to expect the push for increment in data to be back soon after the new year celebration.
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