Social Media | Facebook Wants To Start Encrypting Your Chats


In April this year, WhatsApp- Facebook owned messaging app introduced an end-to-end encryption which make you secure during conversions without any third-party interfering or viewing your private chat either by Facebook or any government.

In a report from the Guardian, Facebook is planning to roll out end-to-end encryption on its messenger app -"Facebook Messenger" later this year but this time it will be an opt-in features, what this means is that you will have to decide to use the feature or not depending on your choice.

Facebook Messenger users will be presented with the option to either end-to-end encrypt their messages or get a smarter messaging chat. Though Engineers at both Google and Facebook predict that messenger users will rather prefer to opt-in to a smarter chat option than a private one. But not everyone will agree though. Do you agree to that?

"I just object to the opt-in default for what could be millions of users as they discuss politics, their love life, health concerns, and other topics meant to be private," Open Crypto Audit Project co-director and researcher Kenneth White said

Having said that, When an End-to-end is turned on, only people on either side of the of the conversations that can decrypt messages, which means neither authorities or Facebook will be able to decipher them.

So an end-to-end encrypted Facebook messenger or a smarter chat messenger which one will you opt-in for?

source: Tchpill

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Social Media | Facebook Wants To Start Encrypting Your Chats

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