5 Important Things You Need To Know About Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Rumors


As stated by a Daily Mail report, rumors of a potential divorce between the couple have been circling around for a while, even prior to this incident.

Below are 5 things you need to know:

1. Kim’s robbery incident and Kanye’s unexpected outbursts took a toll on their marriage.

Kim has not been seen since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. A source told People Magazine that due to stress and exhaustion, Kanye has been more prone to outbursts. A combination of the two put a significant strain on their marriage in the last few months.

The magazine also reported that Kim had a scheduled appearance at the Angel Ball in New York where her late father was being honored, but instead, she went to support Kanye after his breakdown.

“She definitely rolls her eyes when he goes into his mode or rants… She’s also very protective of him, but he can be exhausting,” says the source.

2. Kim and Kanye are reportedly living apart now.

Even though Kanye has been discharged from UCLA Medical Center, he has been living in a rental home as an outpatient. Meanwhile, Kim and the kids are staying in their Bel-Air mansion.

Cosmopolitan reported that Kanye attended their son Saint’s first birthday at the mansion for a “low key” party.

3. Kim has been unhappy in the marriage for a while.

A source who claims to be a friend of the Kardashians told US Weekly that Kim “wants a divorce” and has been keeping their two kids, North and Saint, away from Kanye.

“She cares about Kanye and feels relieved he’s getting the help he needs… but she’s felt trapped for a while,” says the source. Divorce talk makes sense now!

4. For now, Kim is remaining a supportive wife.

According to the Daily Mail report, Kim definitely wants a divorce but is waiting until Kanye recovers. However, another report on E! News denies the claims, stating that “she has many things on her plate so being overwhelmed is expected. She wants to get Kanye back on his feet. She is not leaving him. She loves him.”

5. The kids may end up with Kim fully.

If Kim and Kanye divorce claims are true, then Kim may be in the process of filing a case for full custody of the kids.

It’s always an outright tragedy when a couple who seem so hopelessly in love and so perfect for each other would decide to part ways. Here’s to hoping that Kim and Kanye can work out their marriage. And if not, then divorce may be the only option.

Mental illness is something that can’t be taken lightly, and supporting a spouse you love through it can take a toll on a marriage, especially when kids are involved.

Whatever Kimye decides, it will hopefully be for the best of each other and their children.

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5 Important Things You Need To Know About Kim Kardashian’s Divorce Rumors

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