7 Women Revealed Secret Details Of The Hottest S*x They’ve Ever Had


Women have one or two tricks up their sleeves that get them and their partner going. But knowledge is power, so womenshealthmag interviewed some women and asked for theirs. Add them to your arsenal, and get ready for an amazing between the sheets session.

1. “I love leaving my clothes on for as long as possible, having my husband rub my panties until they’re almost soaked through. I love lingerie, so it seems silly for it to come off so quickly.” —Bree, 31

2. “My favorite position is my legs over his shoulders. The deep angle feels great to me, and he loves it, as well.” —Jane, 35

3. “One time, we did it doggy style in front of a mirror. What was so hot was seeing our faces—I could see how much we both wanted it. It was awesome.” —Andi, 27

4.  I love brushing my teeth and putting on my makeup topless. The view gets my husband going, and I also love how sexy I feel. It puts me in an awesome mood all day.” —Lisa, 28

5. “I love slow spooning sex when we’re both almost asleep. It’s not urgent, but it feels super passionate because we’re just trying to be as close as possible to each other.” —Aubrey, 25

6. “I keep my legs super rigid and straight when he enters me. The tight entry feels great, and I almost always orgasm from this position.” —Kelsey, 26

7. “I love sex with the lights on. Not only does it feel naughty, but I also love being able to really see what’s going on.” —Leslie, 34

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7 Women Revealed Secret Details Of The Hottest S*x They’ve Ever Had

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