How To Get Your Google Adsense Application Approved

Google Adsense is also one of the top sources of online income earning for many webmasters. A major problem about this program is getting approved by Google Adsense. They are more like strict in approving new publisher's account...


You will agree with me that Google Adsense is the top, best contextual Ad network among all other Ads networks. Google Adsense is also one of the top sources of online income earning for many webmasters. This is why new webmasters wants to get accepted in order to earn real income online without forcing visitors to buy anything from them. 

A major problem about this program is getting approved by Google Adsense. They are more like strict in approving new publisher's account. This is a measure used to maintain the high standard of the program so that publishers will not abuse the essence of the program. Therefore, to get google adsense approve, it will do you much good to take time and read through this article.

These are the tips/methods to follow before you apply for Google Adsense.

1. Buy a Custom Domain
Buying a custom domain before getting your adsense approve is not actually a must and it does not affect approval of  your Adsense application, but custom domain makes you stand out and present you as a complete owner and more trusted as a serious webmaster.

A Custom Domain will cost you less than $15 (N7,500) per year but If you can't afford it, then you can keep using your site default domain platform like blogspot or wordpress.

2. Have a Nice Website Design Template
A well designed templates makes you appear like a professional blogger or publisher. You can get a nice adsense compliant template via many sources for your website/blog for as little as $15. One thing you have to know is Google will actually visit your website to study the likely places where their Ads will be placed once they approve your application and  how easy your site navigation is. If these parameters are not well appealing your application will be rejected. All you have to do is just to get a clean adsense enabled template design which is easy to navigate for your website visitors.

3. Age of Your Custom Domain
Google is likely to turn down your application if your site custom domain name is less than 3 months old. A good practices is to keep updating your site with quality posts  for at least 3+ months before you submit application for Google Adsense program. But if you're from some Asia countries like China, Pakistan, India and others, you have to wait for like 6 months after your custom domain registration, for a reason best known to Google Adsense. A suggested way out of this delay is to drive quality traffic to your site and you can apply after 1 month of getting your custom domain.

4. Write High Quality Content (Articles)
Writing high quality contents or articles is the key factor to getting your Adsense account approved. This is really what you need for adsense, you need to write up to 30 high quality article on your blog before you apply for adsense. Copying articles from other people's website will only help to hasten the rejection of your application. Try and write some high quality content/article in your chosen niche of at least 350+ words per article on a regular basis. Posting one or more article a day is not bad, it will only help you a lot so won't copy from others.

5. Number of Posts
As said earlier before you apply for Adsense program, you need to have at least 20 - 50 high quality articles. The more the better. This will show that you are a master of your subject area. If you don't have a good writing skill you can outsource it to a professional to do it for you. You can go to to hire an expert in this field.

6. Bad Linking
As a rule, you must not link to a bad websites that violates Google's Adsense Policy. If you linked to website that is against their Policy, your application will immediately be rejected. A good knowledge of their policy is what you need to build a perfect site that goes well with the program. In fact, they want you to show you're 100% aware and willing to comply by the dictates of their adsense policy by not showing any form of ignorance of it. You must not violate other people's copyrighted materials/products via your posts. Even if you only have this problem of Bad Linking, your application won't be approve. 

A bad website is one with nudity content, a site that promotes violence, racism, gambling, hacking, cracking, and a site that talks about weapons,  and lot more. These category of sites are against Google Adsense Policy. You must not provide such content on your site as well. Also watch your site from broken links as adsense ads should not be displayed on your "404", "error" or "this page does not exist" page or any no content page. This is why I talked about getting an Adsense compliant template. A good way to overcome these is to avoid placing ads on the header section of your website (although this wouldn't be a problem at the application stage but it can lead to suspension of your adsense account after being successfully accepted into the program).

7. Adsense Policy Required Pages
This is of high necessity and most people don't know this. Before you submit your application you have to get your website a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Legal, About Us and Contact Us Page respectively and also a Sitemap. This must be tailor-made for your site alone and not copied from others.

8. Website Traffic
Website traffic is not really one of the  criteria for being accepted into the program but like as I said earlier you can use it as an advantage to get your application approve when your domain is under 2 month old. Other than this, Website Traffic is only there for you to get more clicks & impressions and not to get approved. For you to make a decent income from the program it's best to have a decent traffic of up to 4,000 page views per  day and this is after your account is approved.

Once you're on track by following these tips I listed above before applying for Google AdSense Program, you will definitely be accepted into the program without much delay. This is the 100% AdSense Program Acceptance Formula for Professional Bloggers.

In addition, I strongly recommend you go through Google AdSense Policy to learn more about getting approved and join their discussion forum for more tips.

Click HERE to visit the Google AdSense Policies Page
Click HERE for the Discussion Forum

Note: You have to ensure you comply to Google Adsense Policy when your application is approved so as to avoid your adsense account from being banned.

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How To Get Your Google Adsense Application Approved

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