PHOTOS | Nigerian Ibo Boy Tears The Bible Then Used It As A Toilet Paper -
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PHOTOS | Nigerian Ibo Boy Tears The Bible Then Used It As A Toilet Paper

A Facebook User, Udummiri Nwakalu has come out Publicly to declare his hate for Christianity and the Bible.. He shared pictures of himself with a visibly torn Bible on his Facebook wall with a series of rant:
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Read Below:

Bible say this, Bible say that, can’t you think without the Bible. Your brain is obviously useless as without the Bible you can’t make any point. What if I tell you I use the Bible for toilet?
You Christians have been burning several traditional shrines, you post it on Facebook everybody cheer you and praise your nonsense Jesus. Today I decided to show what it feels like. I have been using the Bible for toilet about 3 months now just that I decided to make it public today and you talking nonsense in my posts.
God punish all of you there I don’t care. I must follow my ancestry ways I don’t I care about any nonsensical nonsense human being here.

Britain I am no longer afraid of the 📖 book you used to enslave my people, I tore it in the public today, I have proven to many that it’s just a book and words of men. On this day I liberated thousands of people from fear and chains. I am a proud fighter, we must continue to fight modern day colonialism.

I destroyed the Bible, it’s from the devil,if you support me hit LIKE.

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