Breaking News: Ultimate Cycler Fully Back To Business -
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Breaking News: Ultimate Cycler Fully Back To Business

One of Nigeria’s believed ponzi scheme, Ultimate Cycler, which recently went out of business is back with more robust high speed technology and design.

The UC founder, Peter Wolfing, on Saturday, December 17, took to his Facebook account to announce to users that the site transfer had been completed. He advised people not to be alarmed as his team has been working around the clock and is happy they are in the final stages.
Ultimate Cycler offers more money than the popular MMM which recently crashed. People join the program with N12,500 or $25 and in two weeks to one month get N50,000 or $100 depending on how fast the group they signed up with recruits new members. Most persons gets their N50, 000 in less than one week.

The return of Ultiamate Cycler has livened the hope of Nigerian MMM participants believing that the owners of the platform will do as they promised to come back by January, 2017.
Ultimate Cycler is back
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