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Best Way To Put Questions To Your Interviewer

Haven made it to the end of your interview session and the interviewer says it is now your turn to ask questions. Here, they are interested to know if you have any interesting questions for them. And most likely you may ask these questions: "How did I perform?" and "Are you going to hire me?" - unfortunately, it is not wise for you to ask either one. But there are more important questions that you can ask in order to gather some useful information so as to ascertain your performance and to deduce if the company is a right fit for you.

In spite of the fact that it is not acceptable to ask how you did in a job interview, it is acceptable and encouraged to ask what their next stages are and the timeline for them. Based on how this is answered, you may be able to figure out their intentions for you. Note that this is not a 100-percent full-proof and is not a guarantee. If they take the time to give you the explanations of all the checks they need to go through, how many people they have left to interview and so on, there is a strong likelihood that they are interested and want you to understand that there is still steps left in the process. If what they only tell you is that you will hear from them within a certain period of time via letter, well, it may not be a promising outcome.

Consider the opportunity to ask your own questions as your chance to interview the company and to know what they have in stock for you. Possibly, you have done your own research about the organization prior to attending and have made up a list of questions you wrote down. Show your preparedness by pulling out the list to ask your questions with confidence. Asking questions on things like the company's direction and expansion program shows you have an interest in the organizations line of business and would want to help them plan ahead. Feel very free to take down notes; it can earn you some high brownie points. Do not forget to ask questions that are important to you as well, if vacation time and benefits are a deal breaker for you, find out from them what the company has to offer.
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