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How To Prepare For A Job Interview Like A Pro

Being nervous before a job interview is completely natural but you can control pre-interview traumas with some guided preparation and practice. It is 100-percent normal to feel nervous before a job interview but with some preparation and practice you can minimize pre-interview anxiety. Assuming you have done and completed initial research on the organization you applied for, before being called in for an interview, you still need to do more preparation if really you want to have a successful outcome. This is due to the fact that you will never know exactly what is going to be asked or required of you (unless you have an insider there), but you can be ready for any question by mastering your stuff.

The first thing you need to do more is to look up the company's website and study their history, usually found in the about us page, and the type of products and services they offer. Even if you are very sure you are not going to be asked on how the company came into existence, it will provide you with insight on how the company operates, their operational culture and business philosophy. If you are knowledgeable of these factors, it should influence how you answer the questions put across to you. If it is clear they place high value on good team player’s skill, you should be able to brainstorm some personal work related situations where you displayed such trait.  

If, for example, you are applying for a sales related position, you should be prepared to answer correctly any successful sales role playing questions because you have already done your homework by taking the time to master the company’s products and services. It will be impressive to your interviewer that you have taken the time to do some serious research about their establishment and the role you have applied for. It shows a commitment to details and a genuine interest in the company and presents you as someone who can fit in properly into the system.

Another great way to prepare for a job interview is to complete an interview situation practice run with a friend or a family member. Have them ask you questions and answer them with all boldness as if you were already in the interview, do not break character or comportment during the role play exercise. There are many likely questions that are asked in a typical job interview (for example, what are your strengths and weaknesses, why do you want us to give you this job, what is your greatest achievement) don’t let these questions come as a surprise to you – be prepared and practice so you can answer them with all boldness and confidence.
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