Many Job Openings at Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company - Apply Now -
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Many Job Openings at Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company - Apply Now

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company operates as a crude oil and natural gas refinery. The company upgrades Arabian Light Crude to refined products, including benzene, fuel oil, kerosene, naphtha, sulphur, Mogas components, low sulphur diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas. It sells its products through export terminals and pipelines. The company was founded in 1986 and is based in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF) is a joint venture of Shell Saudi Arabia Refining Ltd. and Saudi Arabian Oil Company. Its scope of work is refining of crude oil and converting it into petroleum products mostly exported to the international markets. The production capacity of the refinery is over 300,000 Barrels per day (bpd).

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company offers variety of job opportunities including areas such as Actuarial Services, Tax, Audit, Administrative, Internships, Finance and Accounting, Marketing/Publicity/Advertising, Sales, and Sales Planning. Whether you are a professional in Administration, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Human Resources, Information Technology/Services, Marketing and Trading, and many more areas, you certainly will have a place to fit in Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company.

Benefits Offered by Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company Career

SASREF provides employees with competitive pay and comprehensive career benefits program that will allow you to develop professionally and reach your long-term goals in life. The balance of work and life is encouraged at Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company and the company offers several programs like “live and work” that offers advice, referrals and resources on parenting, career planning, family care and leaves of operation (planning) education. Other benefits include flexible work arrangements with supervisor approval, adoption assistance and dependent care spending accounts. SASREF also provides other pay arrangements and competitive advantages.

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