Shell Recruitment 2018 - Many Oil & Gas Job Vacant Positions Available - See All Shell Job Listings Here -
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Shell Recruitment 2018 - Many Oil & Gas Job Vacant Positions Available - See All Shell Job Listings Here

Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell, is a British–Dutch multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the Netherlands and incorporated in the United Kingdom. The Royal Dutch Shell Group was created in April 1907 through the amalgamation of two rival companies: the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Petroleum Maatschappij) of the Netherlands and the Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited of the United Kingdom.

Until its unification in 2005 the Oil & Gas Company operated as a dual-listed company, whereby the British and Dutch companies maintained their legal existence but operated as a single-unit partnership for business purposes. Measured by 2016 revenues, Shell is one of the six oil and gas "supermajors" and the sixth-largest company in the world. It is also the largest based in Europe. In the 2013 Fortune Global, Shell was first in the 500 list of the world's largest companies; in that year its revenues were over  80% of the Netherlands' $556 billion GDP. Shell Oil Company, its principal subsidiary in the United States, is one of its largest businesses. Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo) is the pioneer and leader of the petroleum industry in Nigeria. Shell holds over 45% of Raízen, a joint venture with Cosan, which is the third-largest Brazil-based energy company by revenues and a major producer of ethanol.

Shell is highly integrated and is active in every area of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, transport, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. Shell also has renewable energy activities, including biofuels, wind and hydrogen. Shell has operations in over 70 countries, produces over 3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day and has 44,000 service stations worldwide. As of December 31, 2014, Shell had total proved reserves of over 13 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

In 1929, Shell first entered the chemicals industry. Shell bought the mining company Billiton in 1970, which it subsequently sold in 1994 and now forms part of BHP Billiton. In recent decades gas exploration and production has become an increasingly important part of Shell's business. In 2016, Shell bought BG Group, making it the world's largest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Shell has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 100 Index. At the close of trading on December 30, 2016, Shell had a market capitalisation of over £184 billion and was by far the largest of any company listed on the London Stock Exchange and among the highest of any company in the world. It has secondary listings on Euronext Amsterdam and the New York Stock Exchange. As of January 2013, Shell's largest shareholder was Capital Research Global Investors with 9.85% ahead of BlackRock in second with 6.89%. Shell's logo, known as the "pecten", is one of the most familiar commercial symbols in the world.

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer: This means Shell does not decline your application based on country, race, age, disability, height, etc.

Shell Recruitment 2018: Shell is recruiting to fill the following Oil and Gas Jobs Vacant Position below as listed in the shell local job posting websites:

Senior Process Control Engineer - Anacortes, WA
Washington - Puget Sound Ref, United States

Manager Vehicle Technology
Hamburg - Harburg PT, Germany

Chemical Engineer for Process Optimization and Process Safety
Wesseling - Ludwigshafener, Germany

Upstream Health Manager
Lutong Miri, Malaysia

Marketing Implementer
Shanghai - The Hub, China

Account Manager Lubricants Greater China
Shanghai - The Hub, China

Discipline Engineer Quality Assurance
Cologne - Godorf, Germany

Cybersecurity Monitoring Analyst
Rijswijk - Kessler Park, Netherlands

Investigation Case Manager.
Lagos, Nigeria

Internal Communication Advisor Content - Houston, TX
Houston, United States

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