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Shell Recruitment 2018 | Blender - Netherlands

Shell Recruitment 2018 - Blender
Rotterdam - Weena, Netherlands

Skillpool group: Trading
Updated: 13-Apr-2018
Reference ID: 76040BR


The role is responsible for managing and instructing for the execution of blending and logistic operations at storage facilities across Europe and liaising between the traders, inspectors, terminal operators and component suppliers (Shell and 3rd parties). 

By optimizing blending cargo economics/values and reducing product quality giveaways, the position is expected to contribute significantly to STn bottomline. 
The Blender looks after blending and storage operation optimizations in close cooperation with the Traders and Senior Blender. The Blender will have to make independently real-time decisions worth tens of thousand dollars bottom line on a daily basis. 

The Blender will be tasked to calculate optimum blend recipes to produce the lowest cost on-spec grade within operational and quality constraints. He/she is expected to actively contribute to the product desk blending margin by maintaining an active profile in the market liaising with other blenders (similar roles); identifying preferred components and opportunities which may appear from time to time.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with traders to ensure the right grade of correct quality is blended at the right place, at the right time and at a competitive price, taking into consideration tank constraints, time constraints, product incompatibility and other factors
  • Ensure that all obligations arising from cargo contract, and charter party and barge agreements are carried out.
  • Understand refinery logistics and constraints and impact on product group specific supply chain.
  • Liaison with various refineries, service providers and customers
  • Support Commercial Ops in storage inventory and operations/PQ matters for all OSPs in portfolio of the book 
  • Support Commercial Ops in peak periods and holiday cover with operational tasks 
  • Support Cargodesk as a “floating” cargo-operator in peak periods and holiday cover 

The scope of this position may vary depending on the operational activities assigned per desk 
The job will involve a significant amount of after office hours calls (WE and evenings) 
Shell Trading integrates a global portfolio of crude oil, refined products, natural gas electrical power and chemicals. Based in the UK, USA, Singapore, The Netherlands, Japan, Barbados, The UAE and Russia 

With offices in Rotterdam and Hamburg, the Oil Products Rhine Supply Envelope organization is responsible for optimising the bulk supply of refined petroleum products between upstream refining and downstream marketing in Benelux and Germany. It also interacts with the global oil marketplace through transactions with STR and third party clients.

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer: This means Shell does not decline your application based on country, race, age, disability, height, etc.

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