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Shell Recruitment 2018 | Marketing Implementer

Shell Recruitment 2018 - Marketing Implementer
Shanghai - The Hub, China

Skillpool group: Commercial and Retail
Updated: 13-Apr-2018
Reference ID: 66098BR

Job Description:
  1. Spend at least 35% of the time to independently or jointly facilitate market visit and customer engagement in order to generate in-depth market insights of market trend, competitive landscape and supply/demand balance;
  2. Translating China business strategy into cluster/provincial strategies. Make strategic marketing plan on cluster-level for next 3-5years based on the thorough understanding of market trend;
  3. Leverage the external resource of China/Provincial level 5-yr-plan and strategic intention to work out the annual marketing execution plan for next year. Including the plan breakdown on business model, province, sector, product line, customer and sales individual level. Work seamlessly with sales team to ensure the execution of annual plan;
  4. Support sales to streamline sales pipeline(SPANCOP). and to improve the hit rate of key projects. Lead the process of RTM planning and execution, economic analysis, price positioning for key projects.
  5. Define set of customer centricity implementation plan to maximize the opportunity of value deliver, and continuous to drive Net Promoter Score(NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Index(CSI) by clearly driving customer segmentation and channel strategy;
  6. Proactively participate and provide professional support to key commercial activities for North & Southwest sales team. E.g. New sector/product development, Premium Push, 3rd party operation plant set up, Customer seminar planning, Sales WILO/MILO, KA development etc.

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer: This means Shell does not decline your application based on country, race, age, disability, height, etc.

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