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Shell Recruitment 2018 | Upstream Health Manager

Shell Recruitment 2018 - Upstream Health Manager
Lutong Miri, Malaysia

Skillpool group: Health Safety Environment & Security
Updated: 13-Apr-2018
Reference ID: 65465BR

  • Provide leadership and management for SMEP health team supporting upstream business to enable the provision occupational health , wellness and occupational hygiene, either directly or through third party contracts managed by Shell Health
  • Delivers agreed Health services as described in year plan to SMEP using standardised tools and processes
  • Investigate Health related incident and support then investigation of other incident that occurred in SMEP either involve employees or contractors.
  • Provide Health Support to project in ensuring that health Control Framework and legal requirement are complied
  • Work with businesses to implement and maintain the Shell HSSE Control Framework and related Group standards, the SMEP procedures and processes in a cost-effective manner and in compliance with national legislation.
  • Monitor health and identify performance improvement opportunities through audit and assurance, incident reviews and health performance monitoring within SMEP.
Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer: This means Shell does not decline your application based on country, race, age, disability, height, etc.

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